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Orks worship the ork gods Mork and Gork, yes?

Mork is brutal but kunnin while Gork is Kunnin but brutal. One symbolizes strength, the other sneakiness. So do most Orks and their kultur hold Mork as the greater one since sneakiness is considered unorky?

Also are there any pictures of the two?

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rolled 4 = 4

When in doubt I become an Ork thread.

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WS 40
BS 23
S 43
T 36 (with unat tougness x2 for modifier)
AG 36
INT 29
PER 30
WP 38
FEL 21

Looks like we know why Skruffy quit being a Mekboy.

Someone roll 1d5+1 for wounds, hopefully Skruffy will be a bit of a tank.
Don't worry about fate, because you are Skruffy you get 3 fate per thread. Cause your awesome.

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Right den' Let me post a Summary of current stuffs so we can get started.

Skruffy, Da Janitork

Str: 16
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Cha: 8
Int: 13
Wis: 13

>Traits (Renamed from Skills to avoid confusions)
Sneaky: You know how to sneak. Dats some good knowwots dere.

Mob Rule: When interacting with Orks being big an' tuff is more important then being karismatic.

Ork Gunz: Ya are "skilled" in the use of most Orky weaponry. Certain special weapons will requirer additional skills, they will be noted.

>Ya Current Gear
Choppa: 1d10 Damage
Slugga: 1d6 Damage, 1-3 shot burst
Squig Bitz: A delicious Orky snack.
1d10 Teef: Roll it ya gitz.
Goggles: Lets ya see into da distance.

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Practice, my man. Practice lots.

For really easy practice with Orks, start your build pattern with Sluggas-Shootas. Two Slugga Boy squads running together is good early-game punch, except again Heretics with their Slalalalalalaensh explosion.
I personally go with the Kommando Nob all the way, since early on, before the There Is Only War update, I'd get shuriken cannoned constantly, and needed the early grenades to disrupt the weapon teams.

For the 'nids, practice first with the Hive Tyrant and Ravenor Alpha. They're not too different in principle from Orks -- not saying my description for Orks will also work for 'nids, but get some practice in. You know they're assaulty armies, so play them that way.

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Send in da boys

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A top notch squad of four Kommando Nobs get lost in an obandoned Under Hive who's population has been turned into zombies.


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Shoot, smash, chop, stomp!

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I wonder how Orks or Tyranids would far on catachan...

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Orks would fit right in on Catachan

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Depends, Orks are either super serious like in the Second War for Armg. or funny like in Dawn of War.

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Hope we get to fight Kommandos

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Gud ting' us orks dun' need pauldrons

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How long can Orks live provided they don't get killed, and how big can they grow.

Also, WAAAGH!!! General

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