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And I'm not using them. Hand weapons all are the same, as are great ones.

These are for all the other stuff in the books.

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Post a compelling description of your current character - D&D, Pathfinder or whatever.
If you make it sound good I will draw it.
If you post a character description then have to bail on the thread email me here [email protected] and i'll send yours if it was done.

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This Thread... *unf*

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Ah well. Whatever works, I suppose?

Here's a nice mix. They're thumbnails, though. I'm sure someone'll find em useful. I think they're neat

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i'm also the same dude that did these a while back for tg

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A pet peeve of mine, /tg/, if you will indulge me.

Thieves Guilds.

Did they ever exist in history, do you think they have some semblance of plausibility or are they as retarded as the whole "hurr durr we're criminals but we'll have a widely recognizable base in which we'll gather all our leaders so that, you know, the forces of law will totally not have it easy if they decide to strike" sounds to me?

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here are most of the characters he did for tg

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Could I possibly get a doobie standing on a pile of accordions? Generic JRPG hero styling, costume made of belts, spiky hair, the whole nine yards. He's posed in what he thinks looks awesome, and the words BANJO KING are above his head.
Pic unrelated.

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