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>dwarves in skyrim
>Druids in skyrim
Nigga where in skyrim have you found a druid and a dwarf talking to each other.

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No anon, that's just gross

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Stop it.

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>mfw the Zine is over a month late

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The real problem is why these faggots should get everything NPCs get
>Describe how an evil Wizard BBEG can break a law of magic

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Nay. It's too whacky. Pic related.


Yay, very ominous and spooky, but could be really stupid of not set up right.

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>All everyone plays is DnD
>Monster types that have been around for centuries are 'just dnd'
>I am this much of a tool

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>the only thing OP wanted about his trolls to be different was they aren't butt ugly
>you claim that this means they can't be called trolls
>"why call them trolls if they aren't trolls, trolls have to be ugly"
>one type of troll from actual mythology is supposed to be incredibly attractive female that tries to seduce humans, the Hulder


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>4/6 party members worship a sun god

Please kill me.

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>all that bullshit in the name of MUH PUREST LUV

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>People saying guy searching up a girls name on the Internet is "creepy"
>If the girl would have done it nobody would have cared

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>/wst/ ruins a good premise for the nth time
Why do I even bother with you guys?

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>definitive trait of X is overused and boring

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