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Slaanesh approves.

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Rolled 10


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>mods are asleep

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>Turn 360 degrees and walk straight into table.

This is a standard air-superiority tactic. The unexpected 360-degree "barrel roll" should keep the enemy air assets from drawing a bead on you. Spin into your sudden turn as fast and as hard as you can, and come out of it burning at full speed. Your opponent will be too confused by your first action to predict your next action: CRASHING DIRECTLY INTO THE TABLE, SCATTERING MODELS EVERYWHERE. The table overturned, the game continues on the floor. Roll an Invulnerability Save for every figure that failed to land upright on the floor; all figures failing this save and those not squarely on their bases are treated as if having suffered a Deep Strike Mishap, and are removed from play. Your new battlefield is the entire floor of the room you are in. Figures exiting the room somehow (through doorways, windows, HVAC vents, etc) leave the engagement zone. The overturned table counts as an Objective. Objects such as furniture count as terrain. Figures physically damaged or destroyed under the merciless feet of stumbling neckbeards are counted as destroyed by hellish environmental conditions, but their kill-points are not tallied. There is no longer a turn limit. The entire collection of WH40K figures of each participant now counts as their reserves. Continue your game as normal with these changes to the battlefield and engagement rules in effect.

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Someone should write a story about Slaanesh or a Daemonette visiting Commoragh for the very first (and presumably very last) time.

....and it should be a MUSICAL.

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