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>not eating eggs

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Why is there a real photograph of Captain Cold?

Has someone been lying to me about comics not being real?

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I don't give a fuck whether this person has mental disabilities or not.
They are to be found guilty of being a fraudulent piece of shit, for not returning said money invested in the product that was supposed to be made.

And if in fact their mental state is so very dire, they should be taken care of appropriately.

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It's a joke, fellow.
Also I don't see why anyone should go out and try to prove people in HFY wrong in any way. It's something which certain anons enjoy, which they are free to do.

Also humans play part of elves in the game. Word of God.

>mfw dipping the bat-goblins in chocolate, then just licking the chocolate off, for no reason so you gotta apply the chocolate again

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What I mean, elegan/tg/entlemen, is that I wish nobody would go there spouting "hahehohe we are leejun lol /tg/ hi ho silver away."

I do not like their server, and have the picture that the admins there are outright looking for reasons to ban newcomers.
But it's their server. I don't intend to play there, or just mess with them just because they're enjoying something.

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What am I looking at here!

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