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Do tell. Really, do tell. I enjoy things other than thri-kreen (although I really do like them a lot) and I'd be interested in an exchange of ideas over the internet with a person of like mind and opposite genitalia loadout.

Oh, go away. You're no fun at all.

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Please. I may be a disgusting xenophile with a shameful lust for chitin, but God damn it, one thing I am not is an irritating asshole who goes around pissing on our board's good name. We have some tact, damn it.

If you're going to accuse of samefaggery, by the way, you should at least check first. There's an easy way, but fuck if I can remember it.

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Excellent. Most excellent. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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The kind who reads the thri-kreen erotica and says to himself "I can do better than this" and then sets about to do just that.

Or maybe that's just me.

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And I don't see why any kreen would want to date a disgusting monkey that hurls its feces at predators.

Your racism disgusts me.

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Hey everyone, Mantisfag here.

This is why I'm taking so fucking long, you know. I'm thinking about this shit. If I just wanted to write thri-kreen porno I'd have delivered long ago. But it grew from that into, I'd like to think, an exploration of this very topic. Penis goes into the ovipore, yes, but beyond that, there are a shitload of differences to take into account. Lifespan, the phenomenon of sleep, diet, psychology... psychology especially. The hunter mindset, the clutch mindset, racial memory, etc. and so forth. In such a relationship, both partners would have to be weirdos and they'd both have to be fairly accepting of such huge differences.

You know, OP, if you're actually interested in such a question, you might want to look into Octavia Butler's "Xenogenesis" series, more commonly referred to by the title of the omnibus that collects it, "Lilith's Brood." It deals with an alien race called the Oankali that come along and rescue the remaining inhabitants of Earth after some crazy motherfuckers try to commit species suicide. The Oankali are natural genetic engineers, possessing an organelle (from which they take their name) that allows some of them -- specifically, their third gender, the "ooloi" -- to examine and make changes to DNA. They want to integrate what remains of humanity into themselves, actually making five-part families consisting of male and female oankali, male and female humans, and the ooloi in the middle. It deals a lot with integration and assimilation and the nature of our species identity, and how our emotions and pheremones and all that hold a lot of sway over us and how we react to other people. The books are fascinating and they rank among my favorites. Check it out.

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I'd be working on it if I wasn't so horribly depressed/drunk. Well, not drunk, but getting there. Refer to the left of the slash for an explanation.

Are you people sick of my bullshit yet? Because I sure am.

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I, for one, enjoyed the Christmas one. Highly entertaining.

And graphic.

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Using the only two sources of info we have, Thri-Kreen of Athas and that original fapfic, I can tell you that this picture is anatomically inaccurate.

2e thri-kreen had abdomens and they were fucking huge. 11 feet long all told. Their genitals were at the very tip of the abdomen and they copulated like insects. Presumably.

The fapfic, which is more interesting, places the female's epigyne (yes that's a real word and it's the best word applicable here) "between the thighs," which is pretty vague. It indicates that external friction is the best way to stimulate a female because they lay the eggs first and then stimulate the male into fertilizing them.

Either way it won't look just like vanilla sex.

Also kreen don't have eyelids. Their eyes are, depending on interpretation, either compound or parallel-evolved binocular lensed eyes that have hard, translucent outer shells and an interior eyeball with multiple eyespots on it that can be oriented independently like a chameleon's.

So... yeah. I'm a fucking weirdo.

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Fuck your rules and fuck you.

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For the same reason some lizardfolk are smaller. And some kreen. And some dragonborn. I hear the desert nomads of those ones are shorter than most, and quite wiry. We don't have any of them out here, just the big bulky ones who live on the edge of the desert and trade with us sometimes. They like our art. They try to trade us theirs sometimes, but it's mostly more statues of their dragon god, and we just take the food like we usually do.

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Hey, that's my schtick. Take your pedophile label and step off my grill.

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So then, to clarify, those rumors I've heard about lamia flexibility are wrong?

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Doesn't sound like they'd be sexually dimorphic in any way. Or do they even reproduce that way?

A date would probably be really awkward, at any rate.

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But I have so many things to tell you about! Don't you want to hear about mandibles and maxillae and palps and the wonderful sexual possibilities associated with them?

Oh well, he'll be back. Now about those tieflings: how do you gentlemen deal with the sulfur smell? It makes certain acts rather... well, let's just say my tongue has no first-degree burns on it whatsoever, but I'm in the doghouse until I figure this out.

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Just saying is all. Requests are more likely to be filled if we, you know, actually provide materials that let you know what the fuck we want drawn.

I prefer my drow ladies with coal black skin and I cannot lie but neither I nor other brothers can deny that this is a very nice picture. Good night, thanks for being our drawfag for the evening and seriously get a deviantart hentai foundry account or something. Smut of this caliber requires a repository for future fa/tg/uys to fap to.

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