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Well, I don't know if I'd go THAT far...

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This brings me back to Totemist Quest.

Oh that Diarca, so out of phase with the material plane.

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this is how i inquisitor visit

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This is how I newbie Shadowrunners.

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>What are his powers
Killer animal instincts, bro.

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Yeah, that was part of Steel's arc in 52.

Lex Luthor is a dick.

This is how I Runner.

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This is how I Runner.

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This is how I Runner. Any Runner.

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>rolling a 100 on your idea check.

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So the NPC Elven Fighter is now betrothed to the Elven Princess. yet he still feels the need to adventure with the party because of oaths and other some such nonsense (Bros before hos. Plus they're not actually very good at fighting so I kinda use this npc to serve as a tank, mindlessly taking damage and hitting things). The party objects and soon I find myself creating another npc with several levels of Aristocrat.

The warforged assassin decides to split from the party to do ninja shit, but instead of being sneaky, openly announces his presence to the enemy and he is dismantled. Cue the creation of a Halfling Barbarian with a "gangsta" flavor. The next 3 social events see him as blowing the whistle on corrupt cops, folding down to intimidation from commoners, and using acrobatics to dodge and get away from enemies.

Currently, it seems that my players are much more interested in helping my 2 NPCs and acting as servants/loyal retainers instead of going on a high adventure like they told me they wanted at the beginning of the campaign. Ever since the Otyugh, my Half-Orc player has not fought a single large creature, but instead have against the odds tamed a wild Bullette and is now using it as a mount. The summoner has been reduced to hiding behind the NPC fighter and cating like a caster using wands and shit. And the Chaotic Neutral Ranger who just wanted to steal things is the most rational player in my group and is acting like a paladin.

Players. Players never change.

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So do you create your own super heroes or use Marvel's?

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Yo /tg/, I remember seeing a system you guys made for Elder Scrolls. Anyone have a link?

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I am suddenly very much reminded of this page.

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