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Blood Angels have an STC for an engine that makes vehicles go faster which they refuse to share with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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Veteran Sergeants are an upgrade again.
Can't use Special Characters from other Chapters or mix Chapters in a detachment. (further clarification needed)
Space Marines have their own Warlord Traits.

There are 6 different ones.
Two swords, one Bolter, set of armor, one Storm Shield and one banner
They range from 25pts to 65pts.
One Chapter Relic grants a 6+ Invulnerable Save. (It's unclear who benefits from the Save generated by the Relic)
Relics are not Chapter-specific.

Grav weapons - Have the Concussive special rule, but are not Blast weapons.
Grav weapons wound the target based on their Armor Save. For example a terminator has a 2+ save so they would be wounded on a die roll of 2+. Against vehicles roll a die, 1-5 does nothing and on a 6 the vehicle is Immobilized and loses a Hull Point.

Grav Pistol: Range 12" AP:2, Concussive
Grav Rifle: 18" salvo 2/3 AP:2, Concussive
Grav Cannon: 24" salvo 3/5 AP:2, Concussive

Grav Amp: Re-roll failed To-Wound and Armor Penetration rolls for Grav weapons.
Grav weapons have a strength value to be used against models without an armor save
Grav-Pistols and Grav-Rifles are available to all units that haves access to Pistol upgrades and Special Weapons, respectively.
Grav-Cannons are only available to Devastator Centurions.
Hunter Multi-Launcher (or whatever it is now called) - 60" S:7 AP:2 Heavy1, Armorbane, Skyfire
Stalker's anti-aircraft guns - 48" S:7 AP:4 Heavy4, Skyfire -Able to split fire.
Siege Drills - S:9 AP:2 Melee, Specialist Weapon, Armorbane

Auxiliary Grenade Launcher - is now 24" Rapid-Fire
Shotguns are S4 Assault 2

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You can always use a custom chapter; just have a chapter that counts-as the codex you are using. If you have created a chapter already, you'll have a richer experience for it. Sadly there are no assault cannon Devastators in any of the codices, but you could always model them and just say they count as heavy bolters.

Anyway, all the armies have pros and cons for what you want, I play SW personally but will give you my thoughts;

Space Wolves;
-Great Devastators (Long Fangs)
-Great troops for drop pod assaults (Grey Hunters)
-Can attach Assault Cannon terminators to Devastator squads if you want
-Assault marines are kind of cool, but also kind of wack, +2A on the charge but BS/WS3 (Skyclaws)

Blood Angels;
-Assault Marines as troops, discounted drop-pods for Assault Marines
-Awesome specialist Assault troops (Death Company, Sang. Guard)
-Lots of cool dreadnoughts to put in pods
-Sanguinary Priests give your squads Feel no Pain
-Devastators are a wee bit cheaper than vanilla

Black Templars;
-Some unique options seeing as codex is old
-Some inferior options seeing as codex is old

Vanilla Marines;
-Due for an update soon which will probably bring new toys
-Ironclad dreads are cool and Master of the Forge means you can take 6 dreads in a list
-Sternguard combi-bombs are pretty cool

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Let us finish the game for today and I'll try to run again soon. See you, guys!

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If you are gonna spend that many points on DC, take away the jumppacks and slap them in a land raider. Or you could give them the packs, put them with Lemartes, and put that in a Stormraven. Its like dante with his guard, but not.

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actually, on a 500p. game game w/ chaos i'd slap his shit with his own weapons... dont try to storm his lines, thats exactly what he's good at. build your own fireline and rape the shit outta him.
im not used to the new chaos dex, but id say the best vs. demolishers is rather a vehicle-tankhunter (predator) for his ordnance weapon will have more problems hitting him witht he center, or take some havocs and let them chill in cover, 4+ ruins, and fist him. if you want to play melee vs. ig you need rather good shockers or transport. on 500p. you cant afford that so just go with specialized firepower. rape his tanks and then he is done for. for standart go cultists... a demolisher on cultists is like the biggest waste of firepower. dont think he will get his points out of the demolisher

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This raises another question. What chapter would be considered the shootiest chapter?

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I'm looking into starting to play warhammer 40k with a couple of my friends from my local gaming shop. I was hoping that someone could give me some tips for what i should buy/ what armor and weapons i should use. I really want to make a space marine army. I would also like to obtain a pdf. file of the space marine Codex. links would be appreciated. thanks.

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It's gonna be emplaced behind a line of Cultists and heavy weapons, and maybe five Word Bearer traitors with a Dark Apostle empowering the whole horde. All of them will be suppressing fire the whole time. They're all gonna be in high ground, which will make this at least a bit of trouble to deal with, I hope. That said, I'm gonna test run it to see if it's too easy or too hard.

Also, if they actually do manage to insta-gib a vehicle with a lucky lascannon shot or something, I don't really mind.


Yep, this looks pretty good. I like that the front armour is as good as a Land Raider, but everything else is Predator level. The penalty on maneuverability should give the players the edge on it once they have it flanked. I'm gonna use this profile if you don't mind. Thanks man!

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One of my brother-techmarines has backtraced you and has sent your address to the Inquisition. Enjoy your public execution, fag.

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It was because we only had like 3 armies at the time (Tau, Nids and SM) and he painted them all the same, Red, Black and with Yellow highlights. He later repainted his Tau the Urban Camo, went Dark Angels, then I made them Raven Guard, and the Nids became the precursor of me Zebesian Space Pirate Army. It was good times!

Damn, starting to run so low I'm forced to use 40K stuff...

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Yes, thanks for the info. The more I get, the better I can make the game for these guys. Maybe I'll come back with some good stories!

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