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Greetings, fellow 40k players. So, how did 6ed affect the way you play your army and what kind of changes did you have to make? Also, 40k gaming thread general.

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Making Papa Nurgle sad.

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Favourite first founding loyalist legion
Favourite first founding traitor legion
Favourite lesser loyalist chapters
Favourite lesser chaos warbands

Favourite IG Regiment
Favourite Primarch
Favourite 40K BL Novel

And lastly favourite Xenos

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A Daemon Prince. FFG has something about Daemons reading Inquisition books.

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So, /tg/. Which 40k codex GW is going to update next?

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Yes, it just takes a lot of skill. Both Elfdar and Dark Elfdar are tricky to master, since they aren't very tough, and some of their units are very specialized, thus you need to be careful with them.

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If your models are roughly the same size and use the same bases, I'm ok with that. That guy is just a douche. I actually want to make my Iron Warrior Daemon Prince from Dreadknight.

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Vespid Mind Control helmets, pheromone Etherials, concentration camps etc. Nice try. The Imperium was once a good, secular civilization. Tau are just repeating it's fate.

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Sinuses overflowing. Mucus coming out from eyes.

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Jaded at character creation, rolled a 02 for my fear test with a daemon prince. Not much to get corrupted by, despite us constantly talking about how running into some Khornates (preferably CSM & daemons) itchin' for a scrap or something would be awesome.

>"Nah I was thinking you'd fight tau next"


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It does not excuse what they do. They bring only death and pain to life. Nothing good can ever come of them. And when all life is extinguished, they will starve to death. Only in Chaos can one find true happiness and freedom, not the mindless ravening of a swarm.

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That's Ka'bandha, one of Khorne's most powerful Bloodthirsters, IIRC.

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Good night eloquen/tg/entlemen.
I have a problem.
In two weeks I'm about to DM a 40k roleplay game (my group is still debating on the system)
Problem is one not-too-that-guy. He roleplays pretty nice and is generally fun to have in RP sessions, but well. He always chooses a Psyker. And minmaxes the fuck out of it. Last game (Chaos-oriented) on rank 5 he had about 70-80 WP with UnnaturalX2 due to Dark Pact. He proceeded to steamroll through all the encounters alone.
Also, well. It's not too common, but I'll try to explain. This guy is either some kind of telekinetic IRL, or just a masterful gambler. Thing is, when he WANTS to roll 01, he WILL roll 01 from the first try. It gave me frustrations when I was a player and now I'm afraid that it will cause me enormous amounts of ass-pain as a DM.
So, as usual.

tl;dr: a guy in Dark Heresy minmaxs the fuck out of psykers and also possesses a talent for throwing dice just as he wants it, wat do?

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