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"Gentlemen, return to your command personnel, things continue as planned." She said, leaning on the holomap. I didn't understand: there were many more bunkers situated in the area with a higher frequency range for communication or astropathic messages. Why she needed this rhino was a mystery to me.
Nonetheless, I snapped my boots together and saluted. The other colonels cast weary looks at each other, their bodies tired after several nights of continuous monitoring and planning. They were weak. I did not despise this aspect, though, as leader of this operation, I ensured their schedules were organized to make them stronger. They all nodded to the Inquisitor as they grabbed their belongings and left.
Stopping before the door, I began to open up the bag of my gas mask, when the Inquisitor called for me. "Not you, Colonel. I need you for a while."
Inwardly irritated that she had given an unspecified time measurement, I returned my gas mask and walked back to the holomap.
"What is it you ask of me?" I asked, my eyes glancing between her and the holomap as it refreshed.
She finally met my eyes. "What happened to you?"
Confused, I declared my lack of understanding. "I am unsure of what you mean."
"I have travelled the stars for many years, but..." She waved her hand in the direction of my face. "What are you?"
Still confused, I answered, "I am a loyal son of Krieg, nothing more."
She shook her head. Still puzzled, I continued “I am the Colonel of the 437th, 902nd, and 77th Krieg Regiments, and acting General of all Imperial Guard Soldiers on this planet.”
“How old are you?” She breathed.
“By the standard measurement of Terran years, my age would be 19.” I replied.
“You’re a child.” The Inquisitor breathed. She stared into my eyes, her eyes capturing the depth of my spirit. I felt her try and peer past, as if she was attempting to reach deeper into my mind.

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No, just German, like the Afrika Korps.
Because Krieg.

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This perhaps, is the best summary of 40k imo, OP.

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For the Emperor, we win this day!

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