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How do we fix Yugioh so games don't end on the first turn?

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>Blood Sun Ramp

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Hold on, Ornithopter is still in standard

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>he doesn't give level 3 characters epic godsword and +4 armor

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It definitely does but that sort of thing is what also makes the game affordable because they are constantly trying to help players try and obtain cards that were strong once they've made a good chunk of money from players buying packs.

I feel Wizards has all the elements to fucking thrive on forever if they supported nonrotating formats with affordable options like reprints in standard sets and affordable master sets since it would allow standard players to migrate into nonrotating formats and encourage new players to play standard until they have a good chunk of cards to enter modern, legacy, frontier, etc.

People talk about LGS dying and cashing out if they killed the value in this game but the value would be in new cards and older cards would still retain some kind of value, just not high value. There's a lot of moving parts but players would be more encouraged to play which means stores would still have a reason to support the game even if the game was actively trying to stomp out market manipulation.

Though Konami might have killed yugioh recently with how they overhauled some of the games rules.

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>Konami makes Pendulum Link Monsters
>Link Markers still work, even from the Pendulum Zone

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Turns out that they included the definition of the term, which has something to do with killing off a leader by their own soldiers in a fashion that looks like an accident (such as a dropped fragmentation grenade at their feet) during a battle.

It’s an interesting use for a term that I had come to associate with videogames where Fragged meant to kill something, and it’s a neat bit of trivia.

(Taken from a review)

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