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Might as well contribute this, it could work for you.

Also, not too sure about that card, mostly because it completely ignores the boundaries between colours. You could use it to play practically any creature of any colour.

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Might as well contribute this, it could work for you.

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This might fit Defiled Earth although you may need to edit it.

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Technicly only the most astute Yithians, the 'creme dela creme' so to speak, can time travel. Even then they use mechanical aid of some sort. This is part of the reason the elite basically abandoned most of the species to die in the past when the Polyps broke free.

Also, horrifying to realize, the polyps are also sapient and had at least a medieval level civilization. It's so hard to think of them as 'people' for some reason. I can see the Yithians as people, the Elder Things the Serpent Men, kinda the Ghouls, and certainly the Deep Ones but the Polyps? Some part of me just want to think 'those aren't people, those are just beasts, but they built the basalt towers, and can even learn spells.

Also of note, most depictions of polyps show eyes everywhere, however, eyes are actually something polyps are noted for 'not' having. They use some weird kind of blindsense.

>air-lift captR
Yeah, they can do that too captacha

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They 'deal' with bandits by getting robbed every month and approaching traumatization. Svetlana isn't coming off as any kind of stone cold marksman.

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Okay, I've got a bit of a problem I'm not sure how to handle. See I've got a couple of people stuck in an fairly modern, privately owned, biotech lab that 'accidentally' went into lockdown.

Bulletproof windows, rolldown cage walls and air seals, 4 large multifloor lab buildings surrounding a central garden/greenhouse. Various standard lab animals like rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, and monkeys. All set on a isthmus in the Florida Everglades, 30 min from the nearest city.

The problems is that a cult of Shubb Niggurath dumped about 50 gallons of 'Mothers Milk" into the fire system's roof water supply, and then initiated a 'lockdown/fire sequence' as they walked out, trapping everyone inside as the sprinklers drenched everyone not in the central garden area (which has its own separate water supply.)

What happens now to everyone over the next week or so?

I have one character who when the sprinkers went off opened an umbrella and when he smelled what i described as 'the heavy scent of roses and rotting peaches' he panicked, thinking is was nerve gas and ran into the gardens to rinse himself of with a hose before passing out as his heart began to beat uncontrollably fast.

A few lucky buggers just stayed in the gardens when they saw everyone else getting soaked in the facility, but one pothead in sandals walked in after the deluge has stopped to 'check shit out' for a few minutes.

Most everyone else in the labs got soaked to the bone, and have no idea whats going on. I figure that the place is probably going to be quarantined at least until they send some hazmat teams in about a day or so, and they will probably 'stay' quarantined after that.

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More in the realm of "Colour out in Space" sort of alien parasite.

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