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>guilliman is back
>some shit eldar god is on the loose
>cadia fell to chaos

this is it, isn't it?
we finally hit end times?

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Late jump
>Went 40K again
>Bailed out ofthe city
>Found barren word
>Used minecraft to set up a fuchuge fortress
>Used hero board's overlord demon-making perk
>Churn up demons that look human, or momstly human
>They all feel RAEG. All the time
>They all have RAEG perks along with superstrenght and toughness
>They all are lowrating blanks.
>They all H A T E Chaos
>They all speach with broken capslock
>We have adventures
>Painful adventures
>For chaosfags and xenoshits of course

Can we put a time extension in all 40K jumps? even if it stops giving points...

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Introduce them to angry marines on there first mission :)

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