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Red-haired semitic people are descendents of Ghengis Khan tho, way too late for ancient egyptian. unless Ghengis Khan was a time traveller who invented the pyromids

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Eshu the Swamp Dragon

A former Elven God of Decay, Death, and Rebirth who fell from Heaven after the Elves turned to necromancy and went lich, robbing him of his proper course towards the recreation of the God of Birth. He crashed into a mountain, creating a large crater that eventually filled to become a lake. He takes the appearance of a giant, six-legged crocodile with a large gash.

Thrashing in pain from his wound, he began to inadvertadly corrupt local life. Anything which drank from water infected by his blood would begin to hear his maddening cries in their head, driving them into a bloodlust.

He now spends his time wandering through an ever expanding, putrid swamp of his own making. The races he's infected fight a constant religious war against each other to earn, in their crazed minds, his favor.

Out of all the Gods in setting, he's currently the weakest and only one that can actually be killed. Prior to his fall, he was the third member of the Trio of Life, representing death, the final stage of life. He's trapped in the mortal realm until the final Elven lich dies for good, allowing the cycle to begin again.

While understandably regarded as evil, Eshu is in reality, a just God driven to rage by a festering wound and grief over the corruption of his Elven children.

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>Metals: 26,758,179M

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