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DA: http://assberryfaggot.deviantart.com/
Horribly outdated blog gallery thing I never update: http://adeptusscriptarius.blogspot.fi/
I sometimes do vehicles
If I prime it I might as well paint it. I just worry I will end up ruining it
I've had terrible experiences with having others paints my models in the past.

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Alright, here's one

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It's not too bad anywhere. Most of that is plastic so it's a few euros at most.

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I really should find some time to finish at least a few of my projects

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Didn't turn out as well as I wanted. I'll look into it again later. For now I still have some Terminators and a Dreadknight to build before I start painting the army.

After that is done, I'll move on to IRON HANDS of the IRON HANDS and his IRON HANDS.

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