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>''He sees the hand of the Eldar all about, though he was much gratified to discover that these erstwhile scions of the Old Ones are but a guttering remnant of their former glory. The presence of the Orks was of little surprise, for ever have their kind infested the universe. Of the Tyranids the Necrons knew little, but recognized them for the foe that had decimated the Charnovokh Dynasty. In the Tau, the regent saw traces of the work not of the Old Ones, but others of their progeny, determining that a more detailed examination would be necessary to ascertain their true heritage''

-Outer Reach

It's obvious that the Tau were meddled with by one of the servitor races of the Old Ones.

However, this is not their true heritage. The Necrons will investigate the mysteries behind the evolution and the rise of the Tau and then destroy them.

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>Every necron, from the lowliest of scarabs maintaining the tombs to the exalted lordship of Great Imotekh himself, carried in their braincase a communion link. The device allowed signalling over near-infinite distances, the ability to transmit data instantly through the arcane control of quantum entanglement phenomena.

>Khaygis knew of some lesser species that spoke of ethereal cords connecting their physical forms in the real world with their spiritual ones in the phantasmal. That was idiocy, of course, but the Stargods had gifted the necrontyr with many technologies when they embraced biotransference, and this link was one of them, a near-literal expression of that mystical ideal. Each necron was connected in part or in whole to an invisible network that spanned the galaxy, broken only by lines of dynasty and fealty. When their physical structures suffered critical levels of damage, it was the quantum link that was the means by which their digital consciousness and their damaged forms were reeled back to the closest World Engine or Tomb Planet.


>The necron general reached into his own digital matrix and found the compulsion-code dragging at him, begging him to submit to the recall command. An ordinary necron, one left after biotransference without the higher mental functions of a high born, would never have been able to hold it off – but Khaygis did. He perceived the communion links stretching away into the void, at last finding some unknown Tomb World hundreds of light years away. But he would not go, not yet. He could not. There was still a deed to be done.

>yfw ward left this lore outta of the codex.

I was annoyed that the ''Hammer and Anvil''novel had essential Necron lore that should have been in the codex.

The Quantum Network, Necron flight speed, the conquest of the Atun all important bits left out of the codex and put inside a book about a faction nobody in his right mind would care about.

I am NOT amused.

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The Evil Robot

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Dumping Newcron lore/fluff to celebrate their awesomeness.

>He stood before the xenos lord now, having fought his way in behind its guardians. It glared at him with its baleful green orbs. A burst of mechanised sound emerged from its throat. It took a moment for Cassiel to realise that it was laughing at him.

>It stepped forward, thrusting its staff at his chest. Cassiel batted the blow aside and lunged, the move perfectly timed. His blade slid between the lord’s slit of a mouth, silencing its ugly laughter. With a roar, he pressed forward, using all his strength and weight to ram Aruthel home until the hilt struck its face, a full metre and a half of blade protruding out from the back of its neck.

>Even as the light died in the xenos being’s eyes, its appearance changed. Its body grew larger in stature, heavy armoured plates appearing on its shoulders and chest, and the shape of its cranium altering. Before Cassiel’s eyes, its metal physiology had morphed into that of one of its bodyguards.

>‘What–’ he began, startled by this unexpected transformation. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stiffen, and there was a crackling sound behind him.

>A blow struck him squarely in the back, accompanied by a sound akin to a thunderclap.

>He was slammed flat, twitching involuntarily. Green-tinged lightning danced across his armour. He struggled to push himself to his feet, but his muscles were convulsing uncontrollably, and he could not rise.

>The xenos lord stood behind him. It had taken over the body of another of its bodyguards and stood now in its place, looking down upon him, croaking its ugly laughter.

>One of the guardians, newly reformed from the damage Cassiel had wrought upon it, stepped forward with its blade ready. The xenos lord barked something in its indecipherable dead language, and the guardian halted, warily. Hunched and cowled, the lord shuffled in, leaning over Cassiel, regarding him closely.

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It's fine.
We ascendent ones have nothing but patience for the foolishness of you younger races.
Especially those of the Eldar. Time's on their side, after all. It's not like their race has been humbled to a few thousand scurrying about like rats, daily suffering casualties they simply cannot afford.
Oh wait. Well, you can't. We can. We have. We will. When the ashes of your race are naught but dust on the solar wind, we will take a brief moment to remember those mortals who could do nothing but fulfill the doom of mortality. And then even Chaos will be undone, only sound and fury in long-empty halls.
This is our universe. We've tolerated vermin far too long.
I stopped fapping for this you fuck

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>No supplements, no Dataslates, just nothing

When will WE, the most deserving, get some love?

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Dataslates when, Fleshlings?

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>mfw no Necrons

At least lore about Typus's ship would interesting.

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> Women and men are different. Fact. Nothing can change they.

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A Necron BL book?

Most likely never. It seems that the Necrons are destined just to feature in the books of other factions and kick their fleshy behinds.

Such is the tragedy of the Necrons.

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And then delivering precise and lethal blows at the enemy with impossible speed.

A Necron Overlord caught way through a squad of terminators and a bloody Dreadnaught this way, hacking them apart as he advanced. Knowing the the prowess of oneself and the limitation of your enemies is a cornerstone of martial art. I am sure the autrarchs Obyron caught down would agree.

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>I actually kind of like the fluff as it stands, apart from maybe the newcrons
>Not liking the Newcrons

Them are fighting words, primitive scum.

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It is not enough, the Dynasties will not suffer such disgrace meekly.

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