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Too buisy pushin yer shit in ya git.

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Eees askin wot da best race iz.
Stupid umie 'course its Da Orkz.

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>Deff Skwadrun
Deff Skwadrun!

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Aerion-the-Faithful on deviantart

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On a scare of 1 to MOAR, I'd say this dakka is MOAR

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Enjoy, /tg/.

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This seems pretty easy to me.
Bretonion knight> So I can still get laid and be land owning and have delicious medieval french food...
Warrior Priest of Sigmar> Same reasons but also I get lots of sausages and beer
Eldar Farseer> I get to see the future and ruin shit for people.
Neither> I'm a guy and don't want to wear a thong
Dwarf> I just dont want to be a bird xeno
Champion of Chaos> But always tzeentch... always
Tomb King> Not that I don't want to be a deathless horror beyond time and space, but I feel like I'll pull off the mummy wraps better.
Ork Warboss> I'll get a car and still waaaaagh, plus guns and I get to live with those wacky guys from Deff Swaddron

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