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The pic in OP's pic IS the corrupted version of Horus.

His armor pre-heresy was pearly white/gold. The black armor FW's model wears was canonically forged by the Dark Mechanicum.

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Alright /tg/ it's done. Dumpan art now.

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Do any of the Primarchs ever get laid in the novels? Or at all? Did any of them marry or take lovers?

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Did any of the Primarchs get laid during the Great Crusade or the Horus Heresy?

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i need the Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Rulebook for my Tablet, anyone got a link to a torrent for it?

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Minor changes in behavior are common, as the wise one adapts to a faster metabolism, the hormones of youth, and a few stray fragments of the soul of the donor. However, when Master Clarity emerged from his third and latest transition, his demeanor had changed completely. Mind-scans detected nothing amiss, but that means little when dealing with one of his power. Detailed questioning revealed he knew secrets only Clarity would, and the three who assisted in the process reported that it unfolded perfectly normally.

However, the suspicion remains that the young girl who was to be honored by becoming Clarity's vessel instead managed to overcome and consume his soul and memories, dominating the assistants to prevent word getting out. If true, one of the twelve most powerful positions in the galaxy is now held by an 18-year-old girl with the memories and skills of a 500-year-old Alpha-plus Psyker.

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How about some wallpaper of the Primarchs?

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