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I want to start DMing an Only War game.

Basic concept I have of DMing it is making the group a "killteam" that get only very high priority targets in an overall larger conflict.

I'll give them some set objectives, then let them go crazy with how to do it ect, also gonna have several "scripted" events that will happen no matter where they go/what they do at certain times.

am I doing it right? I wanna be a good DM for my fellow fa/tg/uys.

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It really depends on how the fight is set up. Tyranids usually invade planets, when they have defeated any opposition in Orbit. While they seem rather beastlike, the collective hime mind is far from dumb. They really only attack fortified worlds, if they can expend the biomass or genestealer cults have infitrated the upper echelons of the populace and started to wreak havoc. But generally speaking, the IoM cannot hope to beat the tyranids in open battle. All victories have either been a clever trick or scorched earth policy; the latter meaning, you blow the planet up by exterminatus when a hive fleet unleashes it's creatures on the surface.

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/tg/ which 40k faction do you think has the worst fanbase?

My vote goes for tau or marines, one spews "heresy lol" the other "4 the greater good guise"

please no infighting I don't want this to become a shitstorm we are elegan/tg/entlemen after all

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