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No, the Immolator comes with two heads.

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I've always wanted a 40K model. I don't play, I just want to build one. Something either Necron or Sister. But then when I think of painting it, I can't bring myself to buy one.

I've never painted anything like this. And the things I have painted turned out awful. I can't bring myself to ruin something so mother fucking over priced. But if I left it unpainted, it'd look stupid. So fuck 40k. When they come out with Babby-Tier "pre painted" models, then I will try one.

Man I really want an Immolator. And a Monolith.

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For the record, blessed ammunition negates cover saves.

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Does a unit burned with Holy Promethium have to take a morale test for every dead model or just one test per shooting phase?

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Purgation manifest!

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