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>Implying =/= said

If you can't appreciate how these two things intertwine, you really are THAT GUY.

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>Race, shared culture and heritage are entirely unimportant

You know what? I've just realized that YOU're the racist here. The Huttus and Tutsis, indistinguishable to the Western eye, have been killing eachother for decades if not centuries precisely because of racial and cultural differences. Why's that? Is it because niggers are stupid and they need the superior white man to enlighten them? Or is it because race and culture are actually fucking important? Because it's starting to sound like you believe the former, while I believe the latter.

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>guy wants to earnestly learn and fit in to a hobby which has a fairly stiff barrier to entry
>act like That Guy

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>there's nothing wrong with having your own opinions.

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