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So ALL marines worship slaneesh now then?

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welcome to the party brother
>Emperor's Children represent

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pick armies that have some qualities you reflect well not perfectly obviously. the models are your friends your family. think about stories of them and paint them with the love they deserve.

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what nose?

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jokes on you I also love slaanesh

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I only worship slaanesh sorry

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Jumper (but you can call me Jumper-chan), Pleasure God, to rape and pillage your home-world and this station! And then daemons start infecting everything

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>side effects

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>game crash as soon as it dies
>you boot it back up
>your flagship is now The Torment

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What are you talking about? just look at that smile

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Alright /tg/ I got a question. If Lucius is as eternal as he is and takes over the body of who ever controls him what would happen if he dies an accidental death say a drop pod lands on him what then?

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>How do you make an immortal character interesting while at the same time not over powered?
So would you call this character's background interesting and not over powered or is he a bit too sue to fall into that category. He is a powerful warrior in CC but he can be killed if you do it right which kind of comes down to something like using field guns at distance to take him out but whatever.

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Good lord, GW sure likes their Plot Armoured heroes in both universes. They've already deviated so much of the similarities between A and B, why start making them alike now.

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