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>Salamanders with Tau allies
You are the cancer

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Hive worlds are too big to be properly administrated. That's why Necromunda, for example, is run by a sort of feudal hierarchy rather than any kind of central direction.

Putting that aside, the drafting numbers for the IG do not make sense the way you are reading them, because the IG is not a standing army, they're a feudal response force. A governor doesn't draft a number of guardsmen per year to the interstellar IG. Regiments are raised in response to distress calls by taking 10% of the governor's men and sending them away, and more if the call comes again.

So we know that interpretation is flatly wrong. Admittedly, this is probably just GW writers derping out like they often do, but for the sake of being obsessive nerds why not examine other possible readings.

One possibility is that the number is an average, with most years the governor sending no troops and some years the governor sending billions.

Another possibility is that the "Imperial Garrison" statistic represents those troops set aside for recruitment on demand. If 2,000,000 men are standing ready to join the Guard, that would give the Governor two billion soldiers. One person in every 78 would be a soldier for the governor alone, and if Necromunda is anything to go by, there would be other major armed factions claiming significant portions of the rest.
And if those two million are the ones set aside for Guard use, and they're drafting 1.3 more yearly to sustain that...
Then 65% of this planet's garrison are wiped out and replaced every year.

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Look here
If you're a catachan jungle fighter, you've never been anything else in your whole life.
Growing up, you lived in a bunker. Inside the dome, if you were lucky, but not everyone gets to be inside the dome. Your daily chores included manning the guns on lookout for Devils and burning away the predatory brush that crept ever towards your home.
On some planets boys throw stones at grox; you carried grenades around in your pockets in case the swarms showed up. On some planets little boys wear hats; you wore combat boots and camouflage your whole life.
Also, there are Orks on Catachan.

Compared to daily life on your homeworld, pretty literally anywhere in the galaxy is a bed of rose petals. That's why catachans are so often creepily jolly in the fluff. Fighting anything less than Tyranids is like being tickled with feathers.

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Not sure why any neckbeards ever parrot this backwards bullshit.

Yeah, because on the million or so worlds with different environments that comprise the Imperium, there won't be any people of color.

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No, sir, commissar, sir, offworld literature bores the hell outta me, and offworld people make my trigger finger itch, sir, but if you and this mancooker want to stay friends, you just mark me down as all clear on that roster of yours and walk away.

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sup /tg/ Can you help me out with my rogue trader character? I am looking for names. He is a Catachan that regenerates, who is about 50 years old. What would be a good name for him?

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ITT: buttawful fanart mostly
God damn Cadians are ugly anyways

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One burns better.

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sup /tg/ i dont think this deserves its own thread so i'll stick it here im hearing the siren song of 40k again and i play orks, although a while back i collected some WHFB orks and im wondering if any of those models are converatable into somthing 40k related (im talking about a fucktonne of goblins here) or perhaps some general conversion talk?

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Jesus, the same old parrot lines word for word, every thread. Nobody said these until the mid-2000s.
The fact that it is a setting doesn't mean it can't have plots. In fact, as it turns out, most settings exist to facilitate plots, and 40k is just such a one. In 40k you can make up plots that are not disruptive to the rest of the setting. Or, you can be GW, and do the eye of terror campaign, which ultimately wasn't that disruptive either. Why? Because the whole point of 40k is that the Imperium is on the edge of collapse. That Chaos has broken through the gate and is burning agri-worlds on the periphery just reinforces a theme that was already there. Cadia was fleshed out just for that campaign. Before that, Cadia existed, sure, but its importance wasn't hammered in so far.
That's what you do with 40k. Invent a planet, make it important, then burn it.

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>Boo hoo

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>You are all melting snowflakes on the front steps of the Galaxy's deepest hellhole.

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“We’ve run into scorpions the size of battle tanks, three men died from Eyerot last week, I’ve sweat enough to fill a lake, my boots got sucked into a sink-swamp and the trees are so thick in
places, you can’t squeeze between them. Emperor help me, I love this place! It’s just like home!”

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>I love this place
>It's just like home!

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