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thanks. I might use some Nuln Oil over the hooks and stuff. It's what I use on all my swords and gutplates. Seems to do the trick

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Noobie question.

I'm really new to WHFB and I've got a about 10 Ogres finished now. I bought that GW seal spray stuff to protect them. And I'm wondering

1) If I spray too much of this on there, is it going to make my models look weird? i mean obviously I'm going to be using it sparingly but I don't want to spray it on and then find out it made all my models look shitty.

2) Will it fuck with the static grass on my models? because I already did the bases and I don't want those to get messed up either

pic related, it's too of my ogres

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I hear you. I really halfassed it with these guys, and now I'm regretting it. Problem is that now I'm being nitpicky as fuck and nothing is getting done. It's a double-edged sword I tell ya!

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