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"That man is more boring than my box."

You say this as the boy named 'Harry' continues eating his burger.

"I wouldn't say Hagrid is boring. He's just pleasant to be around because he's brotherly."

"Yeah, well, I never met my brother, so I don't know how I'd feel, but I think that's a positive thing right?"

"Shh! The muggles are going to hear you!"

The boy places his burger to the side and unceremoniously shove you back into his box.


Judging by the stillness of the world around you, it seems as if you've been placed somewhere not moving.

[] Pop out of the box.
[] Wait to be taken out.
[] Other

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why has this not been posted yet?

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How was that tragic? It's natural.


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you got some stupid luck there boy, choose another.

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Posting this. I'm related to it somehow.

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>"I stutter... I ... typo'd... Damn... Fourteen... Fingers..."

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>Nurgle WoC
>Hot chick
I'm okay with this.

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Tzeentch is at it again...

This is how we treat Cultist.

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Another one depicting nurgle - as he really is. (I'm serious read the beast of nurgle entry in the chaos daemons codex!)

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Nurgle, depicted as he really is.

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