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Why would passively receiving a story in which nothing is accomplished be superior to a story in which you personally come to the realization that all of your struggles have accomplished nothing?

Don't games based around the realization of the player's complete insignificance in a vast and cosmically disinterested universe actually have a pretty long pedigree in tabletop rpgs?

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This is how I SAN loss.

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Yeah anon, they got me too.

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Junji Ito's stuff if you remove the shamanistic undertones.

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Why is Howard-kun so dreamy?

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Well Prometheus bombed, so hopefully.
The reason he iced (hopefully not just completely canned) it in the first place was because that was coming out and producers felt the premise was too similar. But now that Scott shat on his own franchise and nobody was happy about that, we may get a Mountains movie. Yay.

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>get asked by a buddy if I want to join his buddy's homebrew game
>sure why not?
>we are allowed to create whatever character
>group is a half-angel, a half-vampire and two human dudes (buddy and me)
>first part isn't really that bad actually
>we're on a ship and get seized by pirates
>we manage to defeat them and find a treasure map amongst the loot
>it describes the way to a dungeon
>decide to travel there
>manage to find it, but ...
>dungeon is a colossal woman and she is fat
>gm tells us where the entrance is
>stand up, gather my stuff, do a 360° and moonwalk out the door

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Given the high quality of their recent animated adaptation of the works of H. P. Lovecraft, I believe a modern Warhammer 40k anime would be exactly what I want out of the Warhammer 40k franchise.

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