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While this is the only picture I have of Boris' squishy bits, I always imagined him being dreadnaught or Emperor tier of dessicated and plugged into cables.

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Isn't mocking other people for what they enjoy the most childish thing of all?

And as much as I like Boris, op is a faggot for making such an antagonistic thread about him.

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Boris certainly isn't too orky. He is actually rather eloquent and spiritual for an ork plugged into an orkified Chaos Titan.

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Theres one of him inside the cockpit.

I would love more action shots of all of these guy, to be honest. Like Fizzgutz stuck in a psyker duel with a human psyker, but with neither of them actually doing anything because Fizzgutz isnt actually a weirdboy and the waa-squig he carries around on the end of his staff nullifies psyker powers, so you just have an ork and a human impotently shouting WITNESS YER DOOOOOM at each other.

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Scraplootas popped up in a recent BJags remembrance thread, seeing as how we looted their revenge from them and turned it into a gargant.

And Boris pulled some image fuckery to become Conan the Barbarian.

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>mfw da Scraplootas won da Superb Titan

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The red is to make it go fasta, the blue is fer luck, the yellow - aside from being roight flash - is the tribe colors, and the purple feets is so when they drop it from the sky, no one sees it coming.

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Found the old thread. Started at 16:37 4chan time.

The lootas themselves have been done for about the same length of time.
I have to agree. They didn't get run into the ground and just plain old turn terrible Modern Fantasy style and for that Im grateful.
>Part of me would like to try an actual RPG campaign (as in, not just a quest thread) set in the grotocracy though, that could be great.
Run it in Shadowrun.

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That's...that's fucking amazing. My one complaint would be the lack of yellow everywhere that isn't the legs or the feet, as that IS the tribal color, but fuck, I can easily overlook that whilst gazing at this beauty.

>that little Blue

All in all, 11/10.

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