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>To cast spells as a cleric does.
>To swing a sword as a fighter does
>To fuck bitches and get riches as a bard does
That sentence does not mean that a paladin is a servant of a god. Good lord.

At this point I'm done and closing the thread, we're interpreting words differently and we'll never reach a satisfactory resolution. And yeah, I am getting the last word in, fuck you.

>>Enjoy a cool gif

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>baseball adept

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>"Guys watch be a reductionist contrarian so I can argue with people on the internet xD"

I'm right, you're wrong - this isn't red dit. Go back there. You aren't saving face.

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Because then you can't accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour who will bring you everlasting salvation.

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America's involvement in native displacement and slavery were both fucking miniscule by comparison to the Spanish and even the babby Portuguese. North America was mostly semi-nomadic unlike central and south america. I'm not saying that makes Murricans angels but Europeans are massive fucking hypocrites.

Most of them selectively remembet their own history and "forget" that they extended their imperial dominations of East Pacific and African wars past WW2 like Kenya (British), Angola/Guinea/Mozambique (Portugal), Algeria/Vietnam (France), and Libya/Ethiopia (Italy)

Many of them unironically think that decolonisation was peaceful and their colonial history was benevolent and uplifting to the natives.

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The definition of your name is now you.

Your first name is how you are recognized in the world with a token regarding it or just by obvious physical detail.
>He looks like a younger warrior. And he's also graced by God? His name must be Evan.

Your middle name is your hidden or barely seen trait. May be interchanged with your first depending on how your referred.
>"Not many people know this, but I am also Michael, 'He Who is Like God'."

Your last name is your family's trade/occupation/namesake. Everyone born under this name has a token on their tradition on them to be seen like their first name.
>He bears the sigil of Llongoria. Does he hail from Astories?

I personally prefer this website:
But Google is fine too.

Who are you?

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That filename doesn't make sense.

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This is how I want to Monk

Probably not it was a one shot quest

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Bumpin from 9

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I'll defend the pine part, but not the apple part.

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This is how I Scion.

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Nope. Don't need light, just movement.

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This is how I scion.

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Whole other level doesn't begin to describe it. The mental leap from "I'll use this rock to smash this nut." to "I'll use this rock to turn this other rock into a blade, which I will then attach to a stick, which I can then use to kill something from thirty feet away by throwing it." is really quite astounding. And not only that, but we don't have to keep rediscovering it. Humans communicate with each, compare materials and strategies, and teach their children how to do these things so that they don't need to repeat the discovery process. A tiger is born and it spends about 12 months learning everything it will ever need to know about being a tiger. In developed countries a human is born and it is thrust into a roughly 22 year long educational force-feeding compiling all the useful things it will need to be an adult and they continue to learn and grow even after that.

But why all this education? Simple. A tiger needs to get in physical contact with you to hurt you, but a human can kill you from a dozen yards, possibly before you even see it, through the applied use of its brain. And here's the kicker: Even if you do notice it. Even if you think you could laugh off the puny spear and eat him the human has probably already planned out the situation. He has seen your kind before. His parents have told him the secrets of how your kind act. He KNOWS what you will do and he's ready. You WILL play right into his hand.

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This is how I scion

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All in the reflexes.

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This is how I Scion

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He always passes his spot checks.

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Use the links, maybe read everything.

It's really schizophrenic.

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