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Oh, hey there baby~. I've started exiting the main chat when I join so I stop getting messaged from people like that, or Big mcLarge Huge a couple days.

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Same here, "hon"~

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Because I was really horny one night, but now I'm experiencing the best RP I've had in years so it's got that going for it too.

And I'm just a little slut who needs someone to love me.

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I know how you feel anon, getting talked dirty too gets me so turned on it isn't even funny. But it is sexy!

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Anyone wanna do a 1 on 1 for a shy person who's never done ERP before? I have DM'd a DnD game before but I really want to be a player.

I like traps and lolis and I don't really care for the setting or anything. I do like futuristic stuff though but I really don't care.

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