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Your failure is cosmic.

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>>16515453 here
Actually, I was thinking of Touhou when I wrote that part. It's probably the largest Fanon in existence.
You seem to have opened up a whole new can of worms. What do Editors do about roleplaying worlds that are made for Self Insertion?
I imagine that WH40K, DnD, and the like all have a certain framework, that is, the basis upon which the universe is different from others. Things such as backstory, gods, locations, and game mechanics.
However, they then allow people to create a world within the universe based upon that framework, and then more people to muck about in the other person's world.
So what do the Editors do in that situation? Do they /only/ stop Fixers who try to change the backstory? Do they allow slight changes in the framework for homebrew settings? Do they go after That Guys who try to metagame?

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Sagan was a highly charismatic man who happened to be a moderately skilled scientist. Basically he's Bill Nye with a real degree and without the respect of his peers.

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Quite some time ago /tg/ made a space opera setting. And in it Holy Mother Church had a transhumanist revolution, and the sitting pope had taken the title of Pope Carl Sagan the 4th. In honor of the saint of discovery and invention.

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Your hyperbole makes you look like a troll, seriously. You are expressing an opinion that has no basis in the reality of the game. D&D4E has quite a bit of space in its initial core rulebooks dedicated to the establishment of an innovative pseudo-medieval fantasy/dungeon punk setting. Just because YOU don't like what is there doesn't change the fact that it is.

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His scientific holiness, Space Pope Carl Sagan.

Who's the dumb-looking bitch?

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Sagen slayed the last dragon of religion before I passed onto the outer planes to do battle with the so called gods.

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Lord god Sagan approves.

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No, this thread is full of funny. Go be a no fun zone elsewhere.

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