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>Why did no one ever tell me sharks were so damn adorable?
Dolphin propaganda keepin da shark down.
>Why can't I have a sharkbro?
>implying you can't

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Sharks get such a bad rep for something so adorable once you train them. Shit, just listen to them bark on command and watch them beg for bellyrubs

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Let's have a thread for mildly magical creatures. Not ones that are genuinely terrifying, more like pests which happen to have magical abilities. It's like the creature equivalent of the "mildly magical items" threads. So, let's get this thing rolling.

> Crack Spiders
Ever redecorated a house, and found that the walls were actually covered by hairline cracks in the plaster? Crackspiders. These little buggers leave tiny cracks wherever they go, scuttling along your walls leaving little irritating fractures in their wake. Given enough time and enough of an infestation, they could theoretically reduce a house to rubble. (Probably only affects inflexible materials: wood is probably safe)

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Hey /tg/ I just got into a pretty heavy argument with my girlfriend and things look like they're not going to work out. It's 4 years down the drain and I'm feeling shithorrid. Does anyone have any feel good stories or screen caps?
Thanks in advance most elegan/tg/entlebros

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