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>Trying to make me feel sympathetic for a giant beast of pasta and meatballs, swimming in sauce
>Trying to make me feel sympathetic for killing a giant squid.

Nope. Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen. Not in your wildest fantasies, which include these. Not even a little.

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>twf GW will never put Nercrarch in any spotlight again

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Lord British is now Lady British.

I'm sorry...

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>Obliterators now look like sadfrog.jpg and have those jagged edges I hate on minis

It's a fixer upper at least.

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Greetings fellow /tg/ compatriots.

To those here who makes money out of miniature painting and other /tg/ related works...

Are you managing to make a living out of it?

Be honest.

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>you will never be carried in the hulking but gentle arms of your Ogryn husbandu

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>see picture
I have it better then I deserve.

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