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Your ally in service to the Inquisition, a sister of battle, seems to bring a metal crate that smells faintly like a barn wherever she travels. One day your curiosity gets the better of you, and you peek inside. You discover a girl locked inside the crate who looks to be nine or ten years old, wearing only the purity seals and red-dyed rags favored by Repentia. Her scalp is shaved and there are scars from repeated whippings on her back. Trying to get an explanation out of her, she tells you she's waiting for the day she's old enough to die for the Emperor. The only items inside the crate with her are a chamberpot, a single Imperial hymn-book, a flog for self-flagellation, and some straw on the floor.

Wat do?

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and did i mention that half were Cultist-Chan?

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Look, mister B. Blood angels!

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This bastard right here is Dranon, the most power Spess Muhreen ever. Why? Because he's survived more than six minutes in Cultist-chan's presence without killing himself.

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meh, its peoples drawing styles.

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