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Sanctuary Mine
1. A large birch dome wigwam sits on a riverbend here, with a yellow-painted deerhide hanging over the entryway. Along one side is a crude stone furnace alongside various small clay molds for jewels, icons of Atruaghin, as well as one for a dagger. There's a burial mound behind the wigwam bearing the mark of the the Turtle clan; the mound is in fact a cover for a trap door with a ladder down to Room 3.
Just inside the entrance, there is a wicker mat over a 20' deep pit down to Room 2. A bed of large, dung-covered wooden spikes is positioned directly under the pit (Falling damage plus 1d8 and save versus poison or die in 1d6 hours).
Inside the wigwam, there's a bed and provisions for one person. There's also a stack of leather tubes containing birch scrolls which describe worship rituals for Turtle Rider as well as how to melt down copper.
2. The walls of this cavern are cross-crossed with empty scars; the floor is barren save for a bed of spikes and a semi-sharp fist-sized rock lying on a deerhide. Tiny ringing sounds can be heard in the walls
3. The doorway into this room is blocked by a glued-together wall of stones, and is held in place with wooden beams inside the room. Inside, there are a couple of clay pots with the distinctly sturdy, flavorless design of the Tiger clan. They contain 6,000 CP and 2,000 SP respectively; there's also a vein of copper worth 3,000 GP just behind the wall in the northeast corner of the room.
4. An enshrined copper icon of Turtle Rider, painted red, stands against the east wall, alongside drums, rattles, and a few bundles of cedar twigs. Water drips from the ceiling. Or more specifically, from four bloated, gray, drooling Tiger clan warriors clinging to the ceiling. They will drop down to attack any party that passes through the room; they fight as Hobgoblins (B36) and wield poisoned copper shortswords. Despite appearances, they are not undead.

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