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some people fear bloodmoon I will just be afraid of this. I had a feeling that pic related could come in handy.

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then build an anti-deck of shrines.
just the most enchantment hateful deck you got rockin

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daxos the returned can be sweet, just play conviction :)

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Remind me again why Shatterstorm costs 4 while Back to Nature costs 2? When Artifacts are undoubtedly more broken and strong?

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How come we have a 2 drop enchantment wipe, but the artifact wipe costs 2 more and is also RR in shatterstorm?

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Better than enchanted evening then someone dropping a Return to Nature.

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Having lost for the umpht time as burn against Leyline of Sanctity and other bullshit enchantments, I'm going to run 4x Wooded Foothills, 1x Taiga, 1x Forest mainboard and 2x Back to Nature in the sideboard.

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I have a pair of these in my SB for Boggles, I would love to play against this deck

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a bit drawn out but...

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there's a bunch already.

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Is something like Back to Nature going to see play again, m/tg/?

And you fuckers thought constellation was dead... lol

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What? You think this is hosing down previous sets? Magic 2015 already did it at instant speed for 2 mana.

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>People thinking you can still run Hexproof

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