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This is that, in effect.

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Its fine for blocking int he colours, get a black wash, highlight the highest points on the model.
Pic related.
sorry to all who have seen the image a millions times

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easiest way is to slather it on, wait for it to dry and high light.
Pic related.

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paint the main colours, wash the mini, Personally I use a black wash, Then use the first colours again and pick out the highest points on the model.
Easy nice looking model.

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before and after with washes.. and a little highlighting

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Paint basic colour blocks, wash with a black wash (or whatever devlan mud is called nowadays, never used mud), go over raised areas with the first colour... you'll get a nice table top quality that way and its easy.
pic related.

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I use the magic power that is washes.
slop on paint, wash, slop paint over raised areas.
Ta da!

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