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>That bit about Warp-spawned horrors at the end seems to imply that their appearance was an indirect consequence of the C'tans actions, which meshes with the lore that before the War in Heaven the Warp was a calm place.


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>>commanding the Warp


The C'tan can summon Warp storms/rifts.

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No. FFG is canon and newer fluff takes precedence over older fluff.

The C'tan were responsible for state of the Warp now. They unleashed the enslavers, Warp storms/rifts, and daemons on the galaxy.

This http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Hadex_Anomaly ''Warp hole'' reminds the Necrons of the horrors the C'tan unleashed. all of this is solid proof of the Old One's innocence.

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As long as FFG supports my theories, it's 100% canon.

Whatever it takes, anon!

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