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but that's exactly what I do, not before I flip it to retards though

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>implying anyone will deign to acknowledge impotent buzzwords like child porn
>implying there is some metric of competent design for a fictional creature and that you have some authority in it
get over yourself faggot

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They are not that bad your just trash

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>to survive

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>Implying you aren't your implication.

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>When you make your stand at "no blacks" but don't care about the portrayal of plate armour, knights, castles, feudalism, or anything like that, yeah, it's racist.

Nigger, don't even get me started on my autistic frustration over typical high fantasy armour.

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Ugh i don't think i have to deal with him. I'm not his caretaker, if his feelings are hurt, I'm sorry but thats life.

Will join you after I finished the map.

Oh boy...was any of those quoted postings directed to me? Because you said people desperately tried to tell me, but I, in my hubris, didn't listen when I somehow forced this act upon all of you...no? Carry on then.

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I'm serious Maya! Make new Tabloid! If you are not too busy party hopping :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

We repealed that act and cast them back into the warp.

My thought: No

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That reminds me. My succubus qt.3,14 got torn apart by my mighty warhammer. No, not what you think.

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Not saying it is any good. I thought it would be clear that I'm saying is OP was foolish to commission somebody without either looking at their work, or knowing how terrible they are and hoping they magically improve by a leap when it comes to what he wants.

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Forgot to take my name off, cool your tits.

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I'm brought to the movie Equilibrium by the thought.
And your dubs.
Checked :^)
Pic related

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