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That would rather defeat the purpose of putting /tg/ to the test.

Any other takers? What tactics did they use? To save arguments, let's say primarily 12th-13th century as a focus.

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I would like to see this made by other drawers.

A russian medieval soldier shotting kneeling using a Repetition Crossbow designed as a AK-47.

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I would like a russian medieval soldier wielding a repetition crossbow designer as a AK-47 while shotting kneeling, with a shield on the back and a sword on the belt

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rus are swag, too.

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Hrm. Tempting.

Too bad I've got good relations with the sultan at the moment. Though, I might as well ask the question then- can I install Pearl or whatever on the throne and marry her? All the ladies in the Sarranid lands are spoken for, and I might as well try to go for Sultan (Or being 'leading masseur' of the Sultana I guess) in the process of la revolucion.

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as to medieval axes being huge, behold, a russian wielding an axe with a head smaller than a tomahawks. will post moar small axes

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