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I might accept that the writer is one of the most annoying grognards of history, and sometimes his perspective and action scenes might be a little off sometimes. (well not just a little, and not just sometimes).

But /tg/ doesn't know a shit about "art" if it thinks the drawings are just straight bad :/.
Go buy your mainstream DC/marvel comics, i'm sure you will have lots of fun with Ultimate crisis of the thousand mutants.

Both the drawings and the script are "ok" or if you're not that forgiving "regular" . Also It has a pretty enjoyable story(when he is not in his "i'm the best DM of the world" mode) and the jokes are pretty decent.

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Just tell me what justification doesn't work.
I can guess what's the problem, you simply are a jerk.

I'll give you a justification:

"my character is a half celestial", why is that a justification? because half celestials exist and i want to play one of them.
it doesn't matter if there are a little quantity of them, i will play one of them.

The problem is, you're trying to look like an good guy giving a chance, but giving restrictions is nothing bad if you can admit that you simply don't want certain races on the table.

just say "sorry, i want mortal races wich are on the good side" or "i only allow this set of races". And it's fine, because the campaing/story has certain limitations, or perhaps certain characters make you uncorfortable as a dm, and you must admit that the problem is in you or in the campaing, not in the issue of a player having some monstrous character.

also your excuse about lots of tieflings is incoherent. The quantity of the race rarely is an issue when making a npc, why it should be for a pc?

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someone is sad because he is not getting any.
also... why a succubuss would want his soul? the pricey souls are the ones untainted. an already tainted soul it has almost no price. it's too cheap.

the soul it's already condemned to the hell, and it wasn't not your fault. as a demon, you gain nothing. Any dm that just says "oh, it's a succubus and it ate your soul, it's just a jerk".

of course, putting a succubus wouldn't be inherently wrong.... but just because you're pissed off? might as well just say "rock falls, your character is accidentaly an eunuch now" "regenerat-?" "no, it was a magical cursed rock".

that's how you sound to me.

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Magic should be as powerful is in the setting. It's not like all the magic should be completely unstoppable. Read a little, there are stories about shitcrazypowerful mages, and mages with little power, casual, or etc. There are settings wich put restrictions on the mages(like obligatory diet, places where his magic may or may not work, conditions, etc). You can't say how magic should work unniversally, because you would be so narrowminded like the fags that want absolute balance always.

you were the one that brought up d&d.
>>Because it's game
you're the tipical "that guy" that makes roleplaying rollplaying and a competition, i hate you and all you represent.

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Doodlefag here, just passing by and saying hi.

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Uh... /tg/ is for things related to traditional games players. We can talk about the things that we always discuss half an hour with our friends before the session begins. Like anime, games, or comics.

Don't be so anal retentive, It's not like this meta thread is enough tg related under your standards.

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this is not tg related

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Don't let me down /tg/

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i have a that guy in our group that it's just like you.
drows are not cooler than any other race, stop being a jerk.

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