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Here's somethin bud.

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And then I guess these.
I know they're small, but they're cool, and you can print em off for minis.
Plus, they got Dorfs in 'em.

That's the end of my dumping anyway. Cheers.

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Small contribution in appreciation of a character art thread that didn't immediately devolve into, "omg more attractive female pics"
Proud of you, /tg/.

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I've got some tokens.
You'd have to print them and base them yourself, of course, but they're about the right size to cover a 5ft. square.
It's just a random combination of a number of commonly used races/classes.

I hope you find it useful.

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Compilation of many common race/class combinations usable as printable tokens.

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I'm not sure if this counts as a chart or table, but it's pretty cool and useful for paper minis anyway if you like.

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Reposting this at least.

Oh and hey, Mikes, are you still around? <3

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Even without specifically tracking player progress, the lowliest of enemies would still be able to be deadly depending on how you treated combat rules. Maybe your near-story-end party can crush most tasks easily, but, on the order of your rules, these lowly mooks still pose a low threat although a dragon or two might only be at high. The henchmen stay relevant because their difficulty only drops so far until it is at a constant level which the players are comfortable confronting, but can still be dangerous if mistakes are made.

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Last one I care to add.

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Njoi these.
Maybe you can use them on your pennies or something.
Or not, whatever. Still pretty cool.

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