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Bad writing

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Thanks guys. glad sigvald stuck around, I can tell these next two months are gonna rape my wallet.

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chaos Is always the flavor of the month for me.

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>they are not warhammer related though.

Doesn't stop them from looking good or me wanting to use them as adornments for a miniature or two.
Don't think it's hasslefree but I'll check them out again.

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yeah I suppose I wouldn't have to cut out the walls, simply drill a few points.... or I could get one of my buddies to make a custom demonic looking plate and cut out the full sides replacing it with the speakers, then covering them in the demonic looking plate... dunno I suppose I will see when I find time for it in the states.... and I have a Lowe's hardware avalible for piping.

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indeed I do, got any links on where I might be able to pick on up?

Counts as chimera yo.

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HAHA, funny how things work out yes?

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I know I have like 5+ copies ATM

in case it wasn't mentioned my steam address is : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Slaaneshiwhorelord

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daemons should get more options period.

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gonna beat it in about 15 min, anyone who wants to chat about slaanesh with me past that can reach me at my email which is conveniently in the field.

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the fiends are not so bad it just took me a while to get used to their sculpts, that being said though when the new undead cobras come out I'm buying 2 boxes+a box of bloodletters+ some of the big claws from the daemonettes and converting some cooler fiends of slaanesh.

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