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Getting a raging boner and gettin aroused while slaughtering people is literally what Emperor's Children do.

That is what they did on Terra for example. Violence is their main drug as living weapons they are, the drugs and the ass dicking comes extra.

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What sort of units would you give it?

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murder drugs and rock and roll

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How do you craft a 1000pt Emperor's Children list without pulling a lot from neutral CSM? Them and World Eaters seem so boring from a newfag perspective due to having next to no "unique" units unlike Tsons and DG.

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so the chapter relics dont have a points cost associated with them so how the fuck is GW going to balance them if players inevitably find some broken combos?

yeah the answer is they wont cause they dont care

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I agreed to stop i'm the good guy here. they are the ones bitching that being a decent person makes you a fag. also ive never used reddit or any other meme site like that

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when emperors children gets an update what models do u think they will release, if they following same as 1ksons and dg im guess...

Noise marines obv
some type of hybrid cultists
maybe terminators?
extremely low chance but would love.. sonic dreadnought/hellbrute

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the long wait is painful, i must show my perfection

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yes im sure a bunch of dudes yelling about blood makes a great drama and narrative dumbass khornefag

khorne is just an angry boring god with now taste

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fulgrim based on my fav legion the EC watching them go from perfectionists to unhinged psychopaths is drama in its most beautiful form its sooo good EC best legion.

I know im on 4chan but we could at least keep bs in its respective board

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I bet you like that faggot saul tarvitz, hate that guy he is a traitor to fulgrim!

haha I can't hear you over all this endless ecstasy you are missing out loyalist!

the emperor is just not perfect enough

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40k emperor's children ive got noise marines alot of them a slaanesh lord daemonettes a greater daemon. what else can I add to make them lore friendly and true to the mps children and glorious slaanesh

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