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I killed the thread didn't I?

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More awesome armor ideas!

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not exactly art, but so awesome!

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I'll dump my Chaos pics.

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I'm about to start larping as a warrior. Sword and shield, since I'm kinda slow (read: fat). I'm right handed, and I'm kind of wanting to put a lot of emphasis on my shield. Should I use it on my right arm and use a short sword for parrying attacks with my left and try to bash the fuck out of people with my right?

>uses puctiff

Captcha about 30% related.

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Elegan/tg/englemen, I require your aid!

I want to write, but to write well, you should be reading half the time and writing the other half. I'd like books that relate to the few ideas I have for stories, however, so I come today with a request.

Do you know of any good books that revolve around these ideas. (Each idea can be in one or several books)

-"Righteous" Rebels overthrowing an "Evil" Nation

-"Righteous" servants of the state organizing a coup against an "Evil" Ruler.

-An "Evil" tyrant being brought down, with the story being told form the point of view of the tyrant.

Of course, I'm not looking for a book which story is EXACTLY what i described above, feel free to recommend good books that are somewhat related to them, and even get rid of the words in quotation marks.

Thanks in advance,

Picture vaguely related, since I will reward you with awesome LARPer pictures.

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im helpan

this is cool armor, too bad it's plastic

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the receiver not the body but I get the confusion
I always got TM for my electrics,
gas I used Maruzen for shotty
WA,Marusin and TM for pistols
And Tanaka Works for my 700fps pre restriction Sniper rifle.

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That's LARP. European LARP.

We have something close to that up here in Quebec.

Pic motherfucking related.

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Have fun with your little high-elf magic, I will be fielding hundreds of marauders with mark of tzeentch

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Pretty much the best larp in the world.
Bicolline: We have nice costumes, latex weapons, full plate, head shots, stabs, no levels or spells, and alcohol is allowed.

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