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you want aberrations? here we go!

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pic unrelated
will dump cool pics of stuff in the mean while

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I dunno, I thought humanity was created by the elder things as a "joke or accident"?

Or, at a baser level, ameobic excretions from Ubbo-sathla that evolved.

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/tg/ How do you deal with a guy who wont learn new systems in your group? Inb4 kick them out. A member of my RPG group can't deal with the fact that the d20 system is not the answer to the mechanical needs of every setting or campaign idea the other GM and I want to run. He's become very pig headed about it recently and with a D&D campaign whining down and it being my go to GM next I want to run a Traveller campaign. He's flat out refusing to learn the system because he is a perpetual special snowflake character making and he can't cope with not having that much control over character generation. He also thinks d20 is just fine for Sci-fi despite mountains of proof its shit at it. What do?

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Hey /tg/ I'm designing system for playing scifi tabletop rpgs with. I'm not trying to make any money, I'm doing it because every system my gaming group has tried to have a scifi campaign in over the years has failed to deliver. I understand part of that is because differing preference within the group on what hardness of scifi or type of game mechanics they prefer but the fact nothing has come close to everyone's liking is disheartening. Traveller, Stars Without Number, Diaspora, multiple star wars systems, Eclipse Phase, d20shit... i mean future, even GURPS.

I have some questions for you /tg/, I've decided to go with alien-aliens being more common than humanoid aliens and was thinking about the implementation of social stats. Personally I want to leave shit like Charisma or Savvy out of the system because I'm one of those people who want to encourage RPing social encounters, not letting dice resolve them. Additionally since what social stats represent is so subjective I could see the skills they represent being useless with many alien species and same goes from their perspective to humans.

Should I include social status but have a scale that determines what type of penalties different groupings of alien types when using them on other species? Should I leave them out for intra-species communication and have a different mental stat determine social interactions with alien? Should I keep them for Intra-species communication and have something else determine extra-species communication?

Pic related, its how alien I'm talking about in some cases, there will be other humanoid species but they will just one of several groups of species.

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Do you have the source of these?

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So do you like this idea?

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