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>That feeling when you use infect vs an opponent's lifegain

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>Weapons fire


We outgunned that base when it was brand NEW, much less now. And WE gutted the base's shield generators, and probably some of the energy gun components. Literally, all his base are belong to us.

We have shields, he doesn't, and most of our operable weapons just loooove unshielded targets.

And why the FUCK would Parsons try to kill his colleges and friends? Worst case scenario, he'd be seeking an hero status, but I'd say he's still in Stage 1 - denial. He might be looking to access base records directly to verify the date, deluded himself into thinking us all being dumbwrong, and the reactor is trying to power any remaining shield gennies to fuck with our EI uplinks so he'll have enough privacy to punch in his old Parsons family code or whatever.

Seriously, there's a ton of possibilities, but "fire on his own fucking comrades" is barely among them.

Fuck, I doubt the base has a single operable energy gun left, after the engineers had their way with them.

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>Roman Empire

Funny thing about that; the Roman Empire collapsed because of high taxes, self-absorbed politicians, and massive wastes of money on ill-advised social programs to keep the increasingly irate masses in check. This all culminated with the arrival of Barbarians At The Gate, and finally Rome was too weak and divided to resist them.

By the taxes, debt, and social spending yardsticks, Europe is a hell of a lot closer to that precipice then America... and I hear y'alls got a fuck-ton more A-rabs moving into your countries, too. Good luck with that!

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"I cast Weaken Veil."

>1927 unditlba

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>BLAIR: jactiant

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It turned out the rice sent by the humanitarian groups to assist, but Saddam hit it with some bioagent. The groups put that symbol on it, and tossed the bags out. However, since that symbol was unknown to Iraq, Saddam put his best trollface on and passed it to the populace.

>consmays to

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>implying a true warrior wants a gun that jams when you think bad thoughts about it

>READING Pilcher

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>Field my tau
>listen to opponent gibber and twitch at paint job
>opponent loses because he staring at the bling

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I'm talkin' shit like the Songhai, back when Timbuktu was good. They were under the Moors.

And the Kenyans knew their shit. A Kongo was fine too, as well as the Ghanaians and Zimbabweans.

Before White People ruined everything.

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Cyberpunk died when the internet went wireless.

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So it would ban the Europeans?


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>And one more thing... if you actually liked Fallout 2 then you have no taste.


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Just use a dice roller program

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trolled some fags on the internet

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