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corpsefuckers go back to /d/

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Thread has potential, I'll lurk and post if anything comes to mind

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Are there any good alternatives for a Great Unclean One model? Or any easy way to convert one?

I hate GW's current one, and I can't afford the FW one.

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Can I get a Nurgle art dump?

40k preferred, but Fantasy is fine too.

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>Warp AIDS
With love,

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Since Flyers are so abundant now, are Hydras are worth taking?

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Since we had a Slaanesh General yesterday:

So I'm trying to think of some non-traditional method of worship for Nurgle. What else would please Nurgle other than the ubiquitous "DISEASES EVERYWHERE"?

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Stop stealing our ideas! We made secret cults long before you bugs showed up!

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Is she?

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The same guy did the voice of Ulkair the Great Unclean One. Yes!

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Not a Necron player, but had some games against them. Lord in Command Barge is good, Scarabs are nice, same goes for Spyders, Wraiths are awesome. Warriors in Ghost Arks are good, though keep them out of CC at all costs. Lychguard and Pretorians aren't that hot for a close combat unit if you ask me.

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>I have learned through my years of experience that the only way to defeat chaos is.....TO IGNORE IT!
You can hide in the closet all you want, but sooner or later you'll have to face the truth that there are powers in the Universe you cannot comprehend or defeat. Then you'll have to struggle fruitlessly against it or embrace it.
By the way, your cool tanks and battlesuits will make excellent playgrounds for my Nurglings.

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