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they won't wear skirts and capes into battle like retards

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Even if it is it seems to only be true within the confines of the Imperial Palace. Outside of it they use power armor of incredible blingyness.

Apparently they really liked jetbikes and their favored weapon was the Guardian Spear, a combo power weapon/bolter. They seem to be a lot like Grey Knights Nemesis Force Weapons but since they're not psykers they'd have less oomph.

I strongly suspect that a lot of the way the Grey Knights ended up was based on the Custodes.

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=Year 334.M41=
+There is an overabundance of drugs on Quitania, they can be bought at rate of 1 unit = 3 wealth, could be a good trading opportunity
+ Rogue Trader Satron Chay was declared Excommunicatus and Larion Ursus' government put up 50 wealth reward for his head.
+ Glabius Zarikoff loses first democratic election after he was given power by you to restore Inaria. He gains about o ly 3.7% of votes and proceeds to ban all opposing parties and impose a military regime to control the population. Inaria is democratic no more.
+Rebellion is brewing on Kinteros, major disputes among local Imperial cults are not being properly managed by Ecclesiarchy and there are very good chances of violence breaking out.
+Tau were sighted near Wladistan.
+New fashion on Tachion Primaris - eating food decorated with gold dust. Meanwhile there is a famine in the underhive.
Solenos reports that rebellious convicts are receiving their supplies from huge dops in the mountains fo ne by grey shuttles bearing no marks of belonging to any nation or faction. Only very few prisoner leaders know who are their allies and they are too hard to reach for Solenos.
Ok guys, sorry, but I am falling asleep, we'll play more in the following days, maybe tomorrow. 1 xp point for this session!

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Jetbikes FUCK YEAH

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My current favorite is inspired by an old archived thread about a kidnapped Custode Praetorian being forced to race through Commorragh by a kabal obsessed with speed.

The Kabal of the Screaming Mask is obsessed with speed. They host impressive reaver races in their tiny arena, but are overall not a very powerful force in the dark city. It surprised many when its archon petitioned Asdrubael Vect to organize a massive race through the territory of others. It stunned all when permission was granted.

Known as the Blackline, this race pits some of the best reavers from around Commorragh against each other in a bloody fight to the finish. Exceptionally interesting are some of the other contestants in the race.

A hulking human in golden armor is silent as he rides his ancient jetbike. None know who he is, only that he desperately needs to return to holy Terra. One of the deluded craftworlders has been brought in, along with his 'Shining Spear' jetbike. He races to save his soul. A traitor astartes pledged to She Who Thirsts and an Ork of the Kult of Speed both came practically willingly.

Many have gathered to bet on or participate in the Blackline. The stakes are high, and foul play is a given. Who will win?

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I keep seeing mental images of the high speed battle they'd have.
Given that Custodes gave up their armor after fehling the Emprah, you'd see shirtless, tattooed Spess Mehreen-type guys wearing tall black helmets and leather pants clotheslining Dark Eldar while riding a black jetbike.
Why is this not a thing?

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The Custodians still have jetbikes.
But then, they have all the best shit.

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I bet that if Custodes were sexual, they'd be swarmed by Soriatas vagina.

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Between guarding the lower levels of the Imperial Palace from daemonic incursions and performing Blood Games nonstop for ten thousand years, I'm assuming that Custodes have had enough practice to stay sharp.

I know in 4th edition, it was mentioned that single Custodes would discretely go out across the Imperium, visiting certain warzones or areas of importance, making sure the Emperor's will was done. Always figured they divined those locations through the Emperor's Tarot, not having a clear idea of why those places were important but just doing it out of loyalty.

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a thousand times, this

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I've got Custodes Jetbikes. That help?

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Durnit, ran out of SoB stuff.

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