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GW has removed Sly Margo from the codex!!

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I say, let's go give those bloody Xenos a damn good thrashing!

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> So since orks have WAAGHH!!! and sisters of battle have faith does that mean that if the imperial guard yell's WAAGHH or believes that their flashlights were more powerful that they would become more powerful?

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Does anybody know of any good model lines for my Praetorian Imperial Guard army?

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Praetorian Guard!

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Praetorian guard here. We haven't been seen since the Early 90's.

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I really wish they'd bring back the Praetorian guard.

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AM I the only one who wants GW to bring back the Praetorian Guard?

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Potato, Potata'

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>2. IG are boring.

Funny thing is I've had vanilla marine players tell me that guard are boring too. Why? Is it because they see it as just "WW2 in space" while space marines are cool and fantastic, even though most scifi at the moment are space marines in space?

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I don't suppose anyone has the original to this picture?

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