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I'm not an assassin, dad, I'm a grazed gunman.

Well the difference is one is a job and the other is a Way Of Life!

Unhinged exalted are fun to play.

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Name says it all.

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Rolled 76

More incoming. Summer /K/ was too much for me.

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Dumping silly firearms

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Here's a pistol too.

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I see your Fractal Revolver and raise.

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listen to your body, it always knows what's best for it

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I have it on good authority that Kilroy Catsvallen rquested, and recieved, personal training from several of our Sentinels. They reported that he'd recieved training from masters of a tribal martail art revolving around knife fighting, basic pugilism (in the style of Old World Boxing,) and that he's quite handy with a pistol.

Within a month we'd managed to build enough Shelters to give half of Red Light sanctuary in the evet of attack and we also managed to give The Black Cat Enforcers an elite corps of well trained, driven troops.

Upon the end of the First Month Kilroy began his campaign by declaring that everyone in the city had to pick on of three sides, His, Tucos, or the Fence. People on his side would be granted Pardons for past crimes, People on Tuco's side would be considered enemies,l and people on the Fence had better stay there for their own good.

Tuco had several of Kilroy's town Crier's shot.


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Because magazines are for newfags

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I swear, if I ever play a cowboy game I WILL convince the GM to let me use this.

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I have a picture of it.

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Anyone up for a steampunk inspiration thread?
Looking specifically for arms, armor and military theme in general. Bonus points if it's a weird piece of real world tech.

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whataya buyin?

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I've got a few old-timey weapons.

Didn't say they were practical, though.

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okay, so just gotta fill it with burny stuff

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rolled 11, 14 + 5 = 30


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